Giving a new sense to proximity


The CARREFOUR CONTACT chain of convenience stores, dedicated to rural or suburban areas, is now becoming a new hub of closeness between daily customers and the brand, thanks to a highlight of products curations, food trades and specific food-related know how.

In what way ?

Through a design tailored for each product category, valuing each offer’s particularities in an evocative way, while equally developing the sales efficiency of each category.

Through a clear, efficient, gentle and knowing tone of voice paired with bold graphic design bias in order to highlight CARREFOUR CONTACT’s products’ transformation know-how as well as their sourcing.

And through new multi-services spaces, including a restauration area, being at the service of the daily shopper’s ease and cosiness.

This brand new concept has been tested on five pilot store, before being progressively rolled out to the whole CARREFOUR CONTACT stores (619 point of sales across the country)

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